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Nakheel Mall



Nakheel Mall


With multiple interconnected trampolines inside Faby Land; each trampoline is designed for fun and active entertainment. Trampoline arena has trampolines of multiple sizes which can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Interactive Climbing Wall

Challenge your agility, balance and strength on first of its kind interactive climbing walls at Faby Land. Tag along with your friends to score high.

Wave Rider

Brace yourself in standing position while the Wave Rider takes you circular motion; clockwise and anti-clockwise; feeling the gust of air on your face.

Sky Race

Sky Race takes riders on an amazing journey which replicates the experiences and sensations of an acrobatic aeroplane flight which goes around in circular motion that will test even the most experienced thrill seekers.

Magic Bike

The golden themed 2 seater ride decorated with festoon lights will make you fly-away on your bikes spiraling into circular motions while you paddle your bikes.

Drift Racer

Hop in your cars and get set for some drifting while you around in circles drifting and shooting the target on the car infront of yours.

Cyber Fox

Swaying from left to right and seats up and down; Cyber Fox takes you on a breathtaking journey.

Bumper Cars

Fasten your seat belts for some bumping all around on these new age Bumper Cars. Bumper Cars are favorite for all kids and parents as well. Hop on and drive in any direction you wish on Bumper Cars.